Only Counting Smiles

Only counting smiles

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"recover for boobs and a butt!"

oh yes, THANK YOU for this wonderful advice. now all of my self-loathing, past traumas, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors are gone because outweighing all of those things is my ability to look sexually appealing!! wow!!!

True but this is seriously my favorite thing about being recovered

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My day:

-Babysit from 6:45-8 while a doc is in surgery
-Home from 8-8:45
-Clinic with new doc 9:00-12:00
-Try to scarf down a lunch because clinic will for sure go over
-afternoon clinic 1-5:00
-Home from 5:15-6:15
-First session of The Landing 6:20-9:45 or so (dinner provided, yay!)
-Home, bath, hopefully in bed before 10:30

Oh boy, here we go! :)

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